“If you’re looking for a real estate agent that you can trust, one who is looking out for your best interests and will help you find the right house for you, then Melanie Press is that agent. I am so happy with my home that she helped me purchase. Thank you, Mel, you’re the best!”

Shirley Cartwright, Cornwall, PEI

“I cannot recommend Melanie highly enough. She was so helpful and patient through the whole process. It took us several months of looking to find something that suited us, and Melanie expertly helped us evaluate each house and really picture how it could work for our family. When it came to selling our existing home, Melanie worked over time to get it moving quickly! She really is the best real estate agent you can get.”

Trudy Spooner and family, Harrington, PEI

“Melanie was a pleasure to deal with while I was purchasing my first home. Her knowledge, experience and awesome personality made house hunting fun. As we all know buying a home can be stressful, but Melanie was able to make me laugh, even at times when I began to feel discouraged. Hire Melanie, you will not be disappointed!”

Kara McInnis, Charlottetown, PEI

For Buyers

Buying a property can be quite overwhelming but remember, it’s a big deal! It is a huge financial and emotional undertaking.

You want to work with someone who represents you and your family and who never underestimates the concern that can be associated with such a huge purchase.

That’s our priority and commitment, to have your best interests at heart and you can rest assured, you are at the forefront of our minds.

We promise you the unparalleled level of service, confidentiality, loyalty, transparency and representation you deserve.

You need someone who knows the ins and outs of the real estate industry, a brokerage who understands intimately the process of buying real property.

You also want an agent who has incomparable knowledge and understands the ever-changing real estate market. You also want someone who understands your personal goals, timeframe and needs and wants.

Here are just a few of the key areas we work with you on to get you in the best buying position possible. Remember, everyone’s buying experience and expectations are different. We adapt to every client’s individual needs to produce a tailor-made service, just for you.

1. Getting Pre-approved for a Mortgage

This is important information to have when you start looking at properties. A lender will go over your financing options, what monthly payment amount you can afford, and what you can expect for down payment requirements and closing costs.

Knowing what you can afford helps you stay within certain parameters when looking at homes. In addition, being preapproved and financially prepared gives you greater buying power.

We know the best in the business and deal with the best in the business and we can guide you towards the right banks, mortgage advisors, independent mortgage brokers and private lenders who can help you secure the financing you need to buy your home.

2. Finding a Home and the Offer Process

For most buyers, choosing a home is a financial commitment but it’s also an emotional process.

Without question you will receive honest advice and information on each property. In addition, we prepare a marketing analysis and meet to discuss a deal winning offer strategy.

If it’s taking time to find that perfect place, we work tirelessly to find you home. From constant communication via our online Collaboration Center to information on new inventory, price changes and sold properties, so you know what’s happening in the market and within your property buying parameters.

Once you’ve found the home or property of your dreams, we will help you determine a fair price, based on sold comparisons, and help you structure an offer and negotiate to get the very best deal possible.

Such an offer will include very specific contingencies and conditions that will protect you and your money should any issues arise during the transaction.

Once an offer is accepted, we guide you through the inspection/s process and be present every step of the way to help you understand what’s normal and not normal.

Should any concerns arise from the inspections, we help you remedy the concerns so you can comfortably move forward with peace of mind.

3. A Professional Collaboration Working Together for You

We work alongside great professionals who specialize in all aspects of the buying and selling process. From mortgage lenders to insurance companies, from lawyers to home inspectors, from property management companies to energy suppliers, from cleaning companies to landscapers and snow removal companies to home improvement companies.

We can support you in choosing the home buying team who perfectly match your needs and offer honest, transparent recommendations for numerous industry professionals.

Once your offer has been agreed, on your advice, we arrange all the inspections with your chosen inspectors, and using our Home Buying checklist, guide you through what you need to be moving in preparation for moving day!

We look after all aspects of the contractual paperwork to ensure everything gets to where it needs to be and communicate with your legal representation throughout the process to ensure everything is on track.

The only thing we don’t do is pack your bags – But if packing help is needed, rest assured, we can find someone who can do that for you too.

We even have a ‘pizza and beer’ supper ready at your new house on closing!

There is nothing more rewarding that happy clients, happy in their new home or with their new property purchase. Happy clients are great business; Happy clients are repeat business.

We want your first transaction with us to be the start of a long and healthy business relationship and be the name you can confidently recommend to those you love and care about.