Summer is so short and with Labor Day approaching, so too comes the inevitable end of summer.  If you are looking to throw an end of summer party/back to school party and your backyard is lacking that party vibe, here’s some tips to get your outdoor space “Party Ready”.

Keep It Comfortable, And Keep It Conversational 

Create a central gathering space for your guests – somewhere that they can eat, drink, and socialize comfortably. Canadian Tire offers some excellent options to help you create this central zone.

Check out the Refrew Patio Conversation Dining Set (which is also on SALE)

This is a great addition to your patio or deck. It looks sleek, comes in a great contemporary color, is affordable and offers an intimate space for casual dining and chatting.

Outside has never been so cosy!

Create an Ambient Atmosphere

With the days getting shorter, be sure to have some great outdoor lighting. When the sun goes down, you can keep the party going, and create an elegant atmosphere.

I love string lights for that mellow mood but, for when a younger guest is visiting we have set up some multi colored outdoor LED strip lights around our covered deck. Just for when we get that disco vibe happening.

Amazon has a great and very affordable collection of these strip lights but they can be purchased in any local hardware store.

Here’s a link for some in our local Kent for some great lights

Adding lanterns throughout the yard are great for setting the mood as well.

Did you know you can buy rods that go into your lawn that you can arrange the lights around your space more effectively? Better than dragging them around an old tree or bush.

Create A Warm Welcome 

As the summer enters fall, we can expect cooler temperatures, and in Canada, we like to squeeze every last bit out of summer.

Keep the party going into the night by ensuring your guests are comfy and warm with a fire table, firepit or patio heater to keep your guests toasty warm.

For a softer warmth, throws add that touch of luxury and these are great to cuddle up in and enjoy the evening.

Presentation Is Everything 

Have you ever attended that party that looked like it was taken right out of the magazine?

They say it’s all in the details and for those perfect finishes our local Homesense is always a winner. Never forget to check out the clearance shelves at the end of each isle!

Want to decorate on a budget? Our local goodwill stores are a trove of treasures that you can customize to make your own. Never forget to go thrifting, you’ll never know what you might find.

So, there you have it, some ideas to host an epic end-of-summer party that will provide memories for your guests long after the snow begins to fly.

Enjoy these final days of summer!


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