“Thank you so much for your dedication in looking after us during the sale of our home. Since we first met you we have been blessed to have you as our Realtor.”
Marilyn and Morley LaBelle, Stratford to Ontario

Here’s Why Our Clients Choose Impress Island Realty

Our Focus on Quality

Our boutique firm concentrates on service excellence and we understand our clients have different needs and wants.  We are focused on the quality service we provide and building lasting relationships with our clients, not on the number of homes that they buy or sell. We are not a revolving door, and you, our clients are not a number.  We know that your opinion of us has a significant impact on our business than it would at a larger company and we welcome that opinion and will strive for your satisfaction and provide you an optimal service experience.

We are Just as Techy

We offer the same Multiple Listing Service (MLS®) representation as all other companies and association members and have the same access to properties whether representing a seller or a buyer. Our online marketing offerings are equally as effective as those provided by the large brokerages. The difference is in our targeted marketing efforts, which we recognize are becoming more and more important due to the uniqueness of our client’s individual real estate situations and the highly competitive online market.

Because we are independent as well as unique, we are able to specialize our marketing even more so than larger companies and are eager and committed to work with numerous referral partners across Canada the United States and Europe.

Our Culture and Dynamic

Our owner is constantly working to cultivate a small, professional and diverse environment and only the best professionals, and those who fit our culture will be chosen to work under our banner. Our structure is not based on filling our office with numerous agents for desk fees. We want the right professionals and drive home a client first approach. We are small, we are unique and we are client driven, not numbers driven.

We Want to WOW

We don’t have a large brand name to use as a tool to generate business and use as a source of our worth. We generate business because of our honesty, integrity and transparent service and providing the best results for our clients. We have something to prove and we are driven and determined to do just that. We plan to WOW you!

We Support our Peers

We are a close-knit community of real estate professionals who have a common goal. We support each other as professionals. Our opinion of each other is just as important as the opinion of our clients. We are active ambassadors for professional standards within our industry. We believe great salespeople who work together for the benefit of our clients and our industry produce the best results.

We are Innovative

We believe in the uniqueness of every single client and value every single client experience and offer customized and innovative solutions for their real estate needs. Your real estate needs shouldn’t have to fit into the ‘one size fits all’ package synonymous with the real estate industry. We promote innovative business practices to meet and exceed your needs to ensure your best real estate experience…ever.

We are One Community

Your community is our community and when our community does well, we do well. In recognition of your support we give back in numerous ways and support local Island charities, grass roots sports programs, benefits and fundraisers.

Support Every Step of the Way

Your transaction is with your Realtor® from start to finish with the support of the Broker, not with other services and specialists that are known to complicate the process. We focus on streamlining and ensuring a smooth transaction and stress-free experience.

We Care about our Clients Rights.

Our focus is not to build a business empire but instead build a strong home ownership community that thrives. Members of our team can be found volunteering on association boards and committees protecting and promoting the rights of the homeowner and improving the standards within the real estate industry.

7 Core Service Values

To deliver an outstanding customer service experience requires more than just empty promises and talk. You need words to live and work by.

Our 7 Core SERVICE Values are the values we work by for every client and for every transaction.  They are so important to our daily operations and serve as a reminder of our fundamental organizational beliefs.

Our 7 Core SERVICE Values are –

S – Service

To service the needs of our clients first and foremost.

E – Execution

To guarantee the correct execution of all legal contracts and documents and to protect our clients private and confidential information.

R – Relationships

The focus of our business is to build our brand based on great client experience and professional and diverse business relationships.

V – Virtuous

To work with a high level of integrity, morality, respectability and transparency.

I – Inclusion and Diversity

To embrace the growing diversity of our communities and encourage a diverse and dynamic sales team.

C – Community

To constantly remember we work for the people in our communities and the importance of giving back to grass roots community projects, sports teams and charities and to be active and visible members of our communities.

E – Excellence and Education

To consistently strive for excellence in all areas of our business and personal business development and to further enhance our business and services by making a commitment to our personal growth and education in the industry.